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If you ever wanted a Vertex x Bride collaboration seat. Here is your chance! Here is how it works:  

2018-01-06 | (Disabled)
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Screaming Zombie

Screaming Zombie

If there was a drift car version of the Devil Z driven by Akio Askakura in Wangan Midnight, this would be it. This possessed drift car is driven by perhaps the best drifter today, Masashi Yokoi. This purple DMAX S15 is one the most recognizable rides in the sport today. This devil of a machine has seen many champion runners this year such as; The FIA DRIFT CUP Leg 2 Solo Runs, D1GP Season Opener, D1GP Season Finale, FD Japan Final Round in Okayama, and several top 4 finishes. This car has been through hell and back; in the hands of Yokoi-san and been in several crashes this year. The most memorable of these being when Yokoi-san left rear tire debeaded at D1GP EBISU from jumping the drift portion of the track while in a heated battle against Daigo Saito, causing Saito-san to accidentally pushing Yokoi-san up on the foam safety barriers. The DMAX team did not miss a beat they were back on the track and ready to battle once more, culminating a top 4 finish.  

2017-12-09 | 0
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The King Has Spoken!

The King Has Spoken!

When we approached Tsuchiya Keiichi-san for an interview at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon we really didn’t know what he would say or even if he would agree to do one. This is a man who not only has an incredible pedigree, but is also known for changing the car community as a whole. To our surprise, he was very open and accepting to interviewing with us. As one can imagine, we truly felt like a deer in headlights, thunderstruck and at a loss for words as the excitement took over. Tsuchiya-san is very humble and down to Earth and was more than happy to answer questions from our supporters and fans. Without further fanfare, here is what he had to say. 

2017-11-26 | 0
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History of Tuned Japan

Tuned Japan’s roots go back to the late 90’s when the founder of the company was just a young man who expressed his passion for automobiles and the art of tuning through the sleek design and sheer speed of the cars he owned or had access to. His journey began when Honda’s reigned supreme! Having a car at the time had very little in the way of aftermarket support. In fact, it left much to be desired for Car Enthusiasts and the like. Our founder turned to Kenny Tran for help. Kenny is ranked in the Top 20 Tuners in the United States.

If you were to ask William why he got involved with cars, he would tell you that he hated “getting smoked” by Honda’s! He had also become disenchanted with the mentality that people had back then about Nissan makes and models. Many people thought that Nissan would amount to nothing! People would often say to him, “Nissan won’t ever amount to anything in the industry!” Thus, William's love for cars was inspired! Winning a few awards along the way became the game changer in his life! Then in the early 2000’s, he moved to Colorado where he took his passion to the next level and attended tech school and got an Applied Sciences Degree in Automotive Technology before moving to Japan in 2006. Relocating to Japan allowed him to take what has become a yearly and spiritual pilgrimage to the Tokyo Auto Salon which is held on the second weekend every January. These journeys were major stepping stones and massive learning curve that culminated in the creation of Tuned Japan.

What is Tuned Japan about?

Tuned Japan offers over 60 JDM brands. In business since 2013, our office in located in Saitama, Japan. Tuned Japan provides clients around the world with the best Japanese products and has the product expertise to help with deliver you informed choices about your purchase(s) or inquires. As a Certified Retailer, we only carry genuine parts and accessories. Our mission is to serve you well and provide superb customer service every time. Our entire company is built around personalized customer experience ensuring easy ordering, fast shipping and lowest prices possible on the highest quality products and services.

Tuned Japan was not only created to provide the best services and products, but also to teach and show car buffs, enthusiasts, gear-heads and the like about Japanese culture and car life. It’s absolutely amazing, we must say! We are here to help those who are interested in learning about Japan and how to navigate Japan on their own time without having to weather the learning-curve of being in Japan as one normally would. The wonderful thing about Japanese car life is that it brings all of us who have a sincere passion for the sweetest rides around together. It is this passion that truly makes friendships that can easily last a lifetime. We hope that we are able to share these experiences and show the beauty of what really lies in Japan.

What TunedJapan isn’t?

TunedJapan has spent countless years building rapport with Japanese Tuners such as Kiyonori Imai, Hideo Suzuki, Haruyama and many others who truly care about Import Industry and grassroots racing. They are offer keen insight to where it has gone and where it is going. Therefore, TunedJapan only supports and sells to general public, products that are bona-fide authentic. Here at TunedJapan, we support and encourage originality. Sorry, but we have no time for knock-offs! Companies who copy or copy to modify a product and call it their own fall far too short! While this may seem a harsh stance for us to take, we feel it is a necessary one to keep the industry pure! We want it to remain rich of culture and passion! Thank you for your understanding.

What TunedJapan offers?

Yes, there are many shops worldwide and their services may be good, but what makes TunedJapan different is we really care about our clientele. We always do our absolute best to make sure that individual needs are met! We want our clients to be completely satisfied. For example: We make sure to call each of our clients directly before the first sale is even complete to insure that all the information is correct. Let’s face it, sometimes there are typographical errors which unfortunately delay or cause products to be lost during the shipping process. It’s vital for us to always go that extra mile to make sure our customers smile and shop with confidence!

We also offer private tours of Japan during the Tokyo Auto Salon to those who are interested in experiencing “True Japan.” We are not talking about the kind of tours that are the same every year. We are talking about a more catered “hands on experience” in Japan something that will stay with a person for a lifetime! Thank you for support!

Team TunedJapan