We at Tuned Japan are more than JDM Parts Supplier. We love the car life and believe that giving back is a very important aspect of what we do! After all we are blessed in what we do. Many of our followers remember Matthew W. a true gear-head in who was stricken by Leukemia. Join us as we travel back in time to early 2016. Our journey with Matthew began after his brother who is an avid fan of Tuned Japan approached us on FaceBook because he wanted to something special for his little brother. 

Having a troubled childhood himself, the founder of Tuned Japan didn't hesitate to set something up and jumped into action immediately calling Iwata-san at Formula D Japan, who is passionate supporter of Make-A-Wish and explained the situation. Without hesitation Iwata-san invited us down to the Formula D Japan HQ to get some amazing FD Japan gear and swag including a Formula D Japan competition window banner for Matthew. 

Fast forward to December 2016, Tuned Japan and the Legendary D1GP Driver Masashi Yokoi teamed up to make this young mans dreams become reality, a mere two weeks before Matthew had a successful bone marrow transplant. We jumped on a flight to Kentucky in anticipation of what was destined to be an epic event, time seemed to slow down and creep by. It was truly amazing to see as the local community turned out in droves to support this amazing young man. We then surprised Matthew & friends with a Pizza/Go-Karting party where these young men and women got to race with Yokoi-san and NASCAR driver Ben Rhodes.

The fun didn't stop there.