Tuned Japan: Good afternoon, Mr. Yokomaku. Thank you for taking the time to sit down and talking with us.

Hironao Yokomaku: It`s my pleasure. Thank you for visiting the Veilside booth.

Tuned Japan: What is your impression of the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon?

Hirano Yokomaku: It`s great! There are so many great cars, beautiful women, and car enthusiasts from around the world. This event only comes once a year and I think it`s awesome to meet so many from the world who enjoy the cars we produce as much as we enjoy building them here at Veilside.

Tuned Japan: Could you tell us how Veilside got its start?

Hirano Yokomaku: Originally, Veilside got its start with Yokomaku racing in 1996. What started out as a passion blossomed into who we now are. However we need to keep pushing the envelope of change.

Tuned Japan: We heard the rumors that you took the race scene by storm back in the day and it frightened many of the major tuners and that you tuned customers’ cars outside curbside. Is truth to these rumors?

Hirano Yokomaku: They are true. We originally started out with the R32 Skyline and it did very well against the other well-known established Tuners. You see, when I start something. I feel that failure is not an option. This industry is not for those looking to make quick money and get out as many do. For us it is a passion of lifetime. We go all out here or as I heard American Tuners say before, “Balls to the Wall!”

Tuned Japan: What is your philosophy on tuning?

Hirano Yokomaku: I think those who are avid car enthusiasts or the hard core “Car Guy" should study everything car related they can get their hands on. Technology is changing constantly and if you don`t change with it, you can really hurt your chances for success in this industry. I am not only talking about book related material but also what other tuners have employed from parts usage to welds to interior design. I mean absolutely everything. Document everything you consider to be a great idea. And use it as brain food for your project(s). I am not saying use them as much as I saying let them serve as nutrients for your own ideas. Anyone can buy aftermarket parts and aero kits. But this causes many cars to look the same. This is all said and good but you have bond with your ride and create a style that says something about you. You can’t be afraid to fail to try new things like fabricating your own parts, etc. These are the kind of things that will make your car stand out in the crowd. After all, “Fortune Favours the Brave.”

Tuned Japan: Mr. Yokomaku, its looks like the Tokyo Auto Salon is beginning to get busy. We don’t want to keep you. Thank you for chatting with us today.

Hirano Yokomaku: It was my pleasure. I hope your readers enjoy the interview. I apologize that is so short; after all you know busy this place gets. Stop by Veilside anytime. Good luck and Happy New Year to all.