Recently, there has been a social media bash fest against us for a sale that went south due a breakdown in communication. In regards to the situation, this purchase was done thru social media, which is bound to our terms and conditions and is a legally binding contract.

This issue is due to the buyer's "friend" who publicly threatened the former owner of Tuned Japan with public violence by the Yakuza. We have screenshots of said FaceBook post. The very top photo shows this threat by the buyer's "friend." The buyer also has not attempted to contact us in anyway, form or fashion since February of last year even though we asked him repeatedly to maintain contact thru the site. FaceBook does not constitute formal communication.  Contrary to popular belief this gentleman has always had an open channel of communication thru the site and we welcome such communication. However, we absolutely reserve the right to cease communication on FaceBook with any individual at any time when public threats towards our staff are posted, issued or otherwise implied. It doesn't matter who issued the threat, the purchaser, the purchaser's "friend" or whomever. The Buyer's "friend" who made the treat claims to have alll sorts of connections in Japan, and it is our opinion that the Buyer was fooled in believing that the person who made the threat has real connections in Japan, when in fact, no one really knows who he is. The purchaser is an accomplice to such treats and this is grounds for immediate termination of contact thru FaceBook. This person also not only threatened the former owner's family but also his visitation with his child.

However, we are attempting to work with this person/people thru back channels of communication to bring about an amicable end to this matter. Please note that we will release screenshots of all emails, communication and other pertinent information at a later date if needed. While we are actively seeking and remain hopeful for an amicable end. We are seeking court intervention. This is a course of action we don't want to take, but will aggressively do so in cases of cyber-bullying, threats of violence, etc. We will summons everyone involved in said bashing and/or threats of violence and/or slander and defamation of character to court as eyewitnesses in said matter. We can and will gain these peoples contact information thru FOIA and other legal requests.

What is being presented by the creator of the post in question by FaceBook user Brian Chin and shared by individuals like Paolo Lim, Ted Salano and Beard/Bear Lachea Dillinger, or whatever her name, is full of half-truths and over embellished facts. But we don't think anything would be expected people and known (living in same area)" friends in Buyer's New Jersey & New York area.  The claim is that we "scammed him for 5-6k in aero parts purchases." This cannot further from the truth. We welcome a comparison of transaction screenshots. As everyone knows, aero parts can take forever to produce and can easily take up to a year or more. Furthermore, the gentleman in question is being refunded as the parts sell. Much of it Yahoo auctions items for a ER34, a vehicle that is illegal in America and should this go to court, we will bring this vehicle to magistrate's attention as per our policy to surrender all in information to court in such matters. As a company, we reserve the right in accordance with our TOUs and Policies which are clearly stated on our site and linked from our FaceBook page, to charge or waive a 75% restocking fee, which is an industry standard, at our discretion. This is not something that we wish to do, however, in the interest of maintaining an amicable resolution, we are issuing a full and immediate refund as parts sell as indiciated by the above pictures. We agreed to get the items in production at first and the buyer would pay actual shipping at later date. The buyer never paid for shipping costs, leaving us to foot the bill in maintaining and storing this product, causing the transaction to be incomplete and unfulfilled. 

While Bear Dellinger may be "friends" with the buyer, one would think that a person who is a "public figure" would get the facts correct and from all parties involved  before bashing and put people/companies on blast via Instagram. It is obvious that Bear Dellinger knows many of the industry leaders as we do and should we be asked about this situation we will provide all information to interested parties. Please be advised that individuals partaking in the slander and defamation of character attacks against will see their day in court. While this may be a long drawn out process, we will absolutely protect our image from such hideous and immature acts. WE WILL SEEK DAMAGES!! 

The actual costs of the product were were 3,994.00 USD. The dates of these transactions are listed below and clearly shows the true amount and is not that over embellished and exaggerated 5k - 6k. As you read further in the post, one can also clearly see we are keeping our word by refunding as the parts sells despite not having any communication with the buyer. Please keep in mind these are not universal items and are vehicle specific. Should these individuals claim we are wrong, then we say prove it and let's compare screenshots. As mentioned, we will upload more screenshots as we are able to crop out and protect other clients information. Let us be clear, this is to not hide information. It is simply to keep our other clients records safe and protected. The only reason we are sharing the following information is because it is already known fact as to who & what. This person and his "friends" sought to publicly humiliate us thru cyber-bullying by lying and slandering us due to what we believe was his impatience. The screenshot snippet of the conversation snippet in the above picture. Please note non-essential parts like name calling on the part of the buyer's "friend" has redacted as it is not essential parts of the conversation)between the old owner and the Buyer's "friend" who posted the public threat confirms and the pictures below confirms the information we are presenting is the actual amounts & truthful information.We only care about the actual amounts we concerning the situation and proves we are not hiding anything.We ask you, car enthusiasts and the general public to make their on decision on  who is lying, embellishing the story and slandering?



1. March 20,2017 - 325.00 USD

2.March 21,2017 - 2652.47 USD

3.March 26, 2017 - 575.00 USD

4. March 30, 2017 - 442.00 USD

The following screenshots below prove beyond a reasonable doubt that we are in fact sticking to our word and promise to issue an immediate refund as parts sell. This may take time however, it is this or we charge a 75% restocking fee in accordance to our TOUs and Policies. Once again,  remember that we have had no contact with the buyer at all since February, last year despite repeated attempts to email him. He has always had an open channel of communication, despite this we have received no communication whatsoever. As previously mentioned earlier in this post, it was the issued threat that caused the immediate breakdown of communications on FaceBook. 

Interested parties are welcome to contact us via the site for screenshots and other relevant information.  Again, please note the first uploaded photo is the exact moment communication of FaceBook completely broke down. We will be updating photos of the conversation between the buyer, who is an accomplice to person in instigating threats of violence and cyber-bullying, by the buyer's friend. These will definitely show that he was bashing us while publicly telling us there were no problems. Had we known this information we would have stopped the entire transaction immediately and without delay before the product was finished being produced. We can also provide screenshots where this buyer also publicly praised our service during past transactions. 

We can also provide video footage of the buyer being completely satisfied as we fulfilled special requests such as getting him a personalized shout out by Nomuken. Yes, folks he literally asked for a shout-out by Nomuken. This proves that this situation, in our opinion, the buyer being impatient due to his personal time frames, which is something we are not responsible for or trying to create a situation where he is scamming us by claiming we "scammed him out 5-6k" just so he could get more out of us. Again, that previous statement is just our opinion. 

Should the attacks and slander continue. We will leave up to courts to decide who is in the right. ONCE AGAIN, WE WILL FILE LAWSUITS FOR SLANDER, DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER along with other charges against select individuals who slandered us publicly on FaceBook and on Instagram. These individuals who are not involved in this situation whatsoever and nor individuals we have ever done business with. Individuals who seem to not have the all the facts. These select individuals were in our opinion "bandwagon jumping" and joined-in on the cyber-bullying based on incomplete facts. 

But please let it be known, that while we can be and have been slow due to back orders, manufacturer times, etc. We do not "scam anyone." Why would we try to scam and continue to business. Not going to happen. However, we are not responsible for an individual's impatience, mental state, etc and reserve the right implement our restocking fee or any other policy at time, no explanations given.

Please stay tuned as we release more photos and information on this matter. Please note some of the names have be redacted to protect privacy. More to be updated shortly.

To be sure, we are willing and able to seek legal damages against said individuals and friends partaking in the defamation and libel. 

Thank you for all the continued support.

Tuned Japan 2019-01-26