Screaming Zombie

Screaming Zombie

If there was a drift car version of the Devil Z driven by Akio Askakura in Wangan Midnight, this would be it. This possessed drift car is driven by perhaps the best drifter today, Masashi Yokoi. This purple DMAX S15 is one the most recognizable rides in the sport today. This devil of a machine has seen many champion runners this year such as; The FIA DRIFT CUP Leg 2 Solo Runs, D1GP Season Opener, D1GP Season Finale, FD Japan Final Round in Okayama, and several top 4 finishes. This car has been through hell and back; in the hands of Yokoi-san and been in several crashes this year. The most memorable of these being when Yokoi-san left rear tire debeaded at D1GP EBISU from jumping the drift portion of the track while in a heated battle against Daigo Saito, causing Saito-san to accidentally pushing Yokoi-san up on the foam safety barriers. The DMAX team did not miss a beat they were back on the track and ready to battle once more, culminating a top 4 finish.  

2017-12-09 | 0
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