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  • Most products required a lead time. This includes items like aero kits, tires & wheels, exhaust systems, etc. Times can vary for 3 ~ 6 months depending on the the manufacturer. If client is the impatient type, please do not order.
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We do not bear any liability whatsoever, including the following:

  • Production abnormalities.
  • Damage, accidents, or warranties.
  • Fitment issues requiring fabrication due to differences between models in Japan and overseas markets. Products are designed for vehicles offered and for use in the Japanese Market. Differences may occur.
  • This includes damage to products and cars that might occur as a result of installing products on vehicles not made for the Japanese market and specific vehicle specifications as recognized by our company.
  • Products may not be "plug & play." The services of a professional tuner may be required. Tuned Japan is not responsible for tuning charges in such cases

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Due to the nature of motorsport, our products are "tuning parts" for use on vehicles designed for the Japanese market. The user is liable when installing our parts in non-Japanese market specification car. We recommend the services of trained and experienced technician. 

Products "tuning parts" sold overseas are for off-road use only and may not be legal to use on public roads or meet emission standards, in most states and provinces, even if your state does not do emissions testing. Our are intended for racing vehicles which may never be used on a public road. By either purchasing aftermarket products from us, having us install the products, or both, the customer takes full responsibility for any use, and/or misuse of the product; and agrees that Tuned holds no responsibility for any consequences, legal, or other, of such use and/or misuse

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