Q:There are lots of companies selling fakes. Are you selling authentic parts?

A: Absolutely! We have a very strict No Knockoffs Campaign and policy.

Q: I can get cheaper pricing elsewhere. Do you price match?

A: We sure do! Please review our Policies or Contact Us for more information.

Q: Can you get my item autographed by the Tuner/Tuners themselves?

A: In most cases we can. We do offer and are able to get autographs on items such as Bee*R Rev Limiters as proof of authenticity. However, getting autographs personalized or otherwise can take time. Getting an autograph isn't always as simple as ordering a part and getting it right away. The relationships that we have built with many of the Tuners allow us the luxury of asking for a signature on your behalf. But we will not push or be aggressive with the Tuners in question in such matters. They are doing us a favor every time they autograph their product. Please take into consideration that the Tuners have their own schedules, business or otherwise which must be met first. We will not do anything or make a request that could potentially hurt our valued relationships with the Tuners by being "aggressive", telling them to "hurry up" or otherwise.

Q: Do you supply aero parts or body kits?

A: Yes, we do. But ordering aero parts generally requires lead time. While we do our best to get aero parts delivered quickly and in an acceptable time. Many body kits or aero parts can take upwards of 6-9 months for completion. The reason for this is that FRP does have a shelf life and take up too much space to carry a lot of active stock by the manufacturer themselves. They do this insure the quality of the product meets end-user expectations. However, there may need to be some slight modifications done to the aero parts for proper fitment. Each country have their own safety standards which could slightly change the dimensions, etc of your vehicle. Please review our Policies or Contact Us for more information.

Q: What about shipping costs and times?

A: We do our best to provide accurate shipping times. Many times we are only able to give an ETA based on what information we are given. There are many variables that can affect shipping and delivery times. We unfortunately do not control what manufacturers, shipping companies, customs or any Government policies local or abroad, revisions in trade treaties such as the TPP (Trans Pacific Pact), etc. and their effects on shipping. In cases where parts are in stock (not special order), shipping time averages about 2-4 weeks. It is not uncommon for shipping to take upwards of 2 - 3 months or perhaps more depending on shipping company or other situations such as back-order or special order parts. In such events, Tuned Japan is not responsible for external (not Tuned Japan issues) problems. Even in Japan, shipping from overseas, waiting for parts, or getting something as simple as a candy bar can take just as much time. Please plan your schedule accordingly and review our Policies or Contact Us for more information.

Q: Can you meet special requests?

A: Sure, we can. But it depends on the type of request. We are not able to fulfill requests like providing financial information to prove when time and date when order has made and paid on special order items, asking manufacturers for pictures to prove production process, etc. However, we like helping to create memories of a lifetime and can meet special requests such as "I want to order this for my fiance. Can you tell him it is out of stock?" or "My Son is a big fan of Formula D Japan. Can you get him something special?" or "Can you get a signature/autograph from tuner John Doe?" The answer is yes and although we have very good relations with many of the Tuners and business owners, these kind of special request can take time and will require a lot patience.

Q: What makes you different from other companies

A: We have spent years building our relationships with the tuners on a personal and business level. This allows us to do more for our valued client's than other companies. We focus on what is truly Japan and offer more than just parts. Anyone who has met the founder of TunedJapan knows he strongly believes in the human factor which is sorely lacking in our industry and car community. We don't mind going that "extra mile." We do this not because we need to but because our clients deserve it. However, please keep in mind while we enjoy going that "extra mile." Sometimes logistics, timing, tuner's schedules play a factor in how much and how fast we can get get things achieved.

Q: Can you meet my deadline?

A: Many times we can meet client deadlines. Nonetheless, there are unknown outside factors such as shipping times, customs clearance, etc. that can cause delays. Therefore, we can not make any definite promises if a particular deadline can be met.

Q: Do you offer Yahoo Auction Japan (YAJ) or other services?

A: Yes, we do. Please click here for more information on the services we offer.

Q: You are a rather new company. How can I be sure you are legitimate?

A: While we are a rather new company, TunedJapan's history started back in the late '90s when the Founder of TunedJapan was competing actively in cars shows and drag racing. This was the time before drifting started to take off in the States. He also won best JDM at events such as the first ever D1GP U.S.A event held at Irwindale in Aug '03 when it was produced by Slipstream Productions. That is where he first met Ueno Takahiro and many other tuners. These are relationships that he retains to this day and one of the reasons why we are able to meet most special request. For validation, we encourage people to call the tuners (in Japan) directly to inquire about TunedJapan. Drift Tengoku has also done a small snippet on us (TunedJapan) and they wouldn't have if we weren't legitimate.This snippet is available in the 200th Anniversary issue of Drift Tengoku May 2016.