Tuned Japan has a very strict “No Fakes Campaign." Here are the reasons why we only support authenticity.

1. The quality of Knockoffs is very low bordering very bad and use substandard components. As a result health, safety, and property are seriously compromised and do cause accidents and even death.

2. Purchasing original and authentic products assures each user gets high quality products that they can enjoy for years (when installed correctly and by a trained mechanic). Knockoffs, however, create personal, property hazards and does affect the overall performance and look that each person wants for their daily rides. It also dilutes the essence of the automotive industry and is simply nothing more than theft by those looking to make quick money at the expense others.

3. The valuable reputation of manufacturers who have spent decades building their brand and quality assurance must also bear the brunt of unfair judgment.

4. Satisfaction, looking good, and personal happiness in the pursuit of speed are jeopardized. And let's not forget the respect factor a car owner puts on the line at the track, shows and car meets. After all, everyone in this business is here for something greater than us all, the comradery and friendships we make.

5. We have spent years building our rapport with the tuners and brands which we represent and carry. We are not here just to sell parts or "make a buck." We are here to help nourish and improve the current state of our beloved industry of choice and the those companies that have spent countless man hours on research and development to offer high quality and amazing products. Henceforth, Tuned Japan will not support any site or company that is unable to prove that it is a legitimate dealer/agent of or for the manufacturer it seeks to represent. Here at Tuned Japan, we believe in quality and not just quantity. Thank you for your support!