Purchase Policies


Dear Valued Customer,

We greatly appreciate your business but before submitting your order PLEASE NOTE our website currently does not support live inventory numbers so if you are in need of a part for any specific date please contact our sales team so we can verify the item is available for you and push the order out today or express it for you if needed. We will not cover express /expedited shipping any order to meet a required deadline for any online order if it ships at our normal processing speed, and all orders that have any kind of urgency need to be placed on the phone or via email with one of our sales reps to assure we can get the item to you on time. PM/DMs via social media are not considered valid forms of contact other than to give basic product information if available. Purchases or orders will not be accepted via PM/DM thru social media. International Orders:


YES! We ship to anywhere in the world!

** All International Customers are required to pay their own Customs, Duties, and Brokerage fees where needed. The amount charged varies for each country and we do not what fees, etc… You will be charged. TunedJapan.com will not be responsible for any of these fees. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay these and understand them prior to ordering from TunedJapan.

Since we ship internationally nonpayment of customs or related fees does not or will not constitute a return. If the package is refused, the customer is liable for all charges and fees that occur including but not limited to return shipping, customs charges, and damages. If products are returned for nonpayment of fees, the product(s) will be forfeited to TunedJapan.com or the customer can pay to have the items reshipped. No refund or cancellation because of these fees.

Payments on orders 60,000 JPY (Japanese yen) or more must be made via direct bank transfer. PayPal will or other service(s) will not be accepted or honored without prior authorization from TunedJapan. This is to protect TunedJapan and you as our valued client. PayPal purchases are subject to 4.4% transaction fees.

Services like PayPal often screen purchases and sometimes to void payments based on their Terms of Use (TOU) and other policies. TunedJapan will not ship out any products purchased, ordered or otherwise until such payments have cleared. In the event of a chargeback or charge-off due to any and all circumstances but not limited to supplier issues, shipper's logistics, manufacturing time, chargebacks in attempt to get a free part or otherwise, customer is still responsible for payment, monies or otherwise TunedJapan may incur. TunedJapan reserves the right seek legal means for reimbursement in such cases. PayPal purchases are subject to 4% transaction fees.

Initial quotes will have an estimated shipping weight which may be higher or lower than the actual shipping weight. The final quote will have an exact cost based on the real shipping weight. In which case, customer may pay for the part first and shipping at a later time. No product will be shipped until balance is paid in full.

Exchange rates are extremely volatile and can and often do change significantly in short periods of time. So quotes might need to be recalculated to accommodate this. Rate calculations from sites such as XE.com reflect wholesale rates and have no brokerage fees. Therefore, they do not reflect real rates and cannot be honored. If a quote includes a mistake by either us or our suppliers we will not be able to honor the incorrect price. If the order is cancelled we will refund the payment.It is not uncommon for special orders to take upwards of 6-9 months. It is impossible to call manufacturers or suppliers and ask them to expedite, to otherwise“hurry up” and/or to meet request such as “I need photographic proof of production process” or elsewise pertaining to the purchase. Neither manufacturer nor; TunedJapan can or will agree to such requests. Any special requests need to be made at the same time the order is placed ex: an autograph to prove authenticity, changing the style of horn button, etc.

Suppliers usually give an ETA for both special and back orders. ETA's are only estimates and the parts could arrive sooner or later than estimated TunedJapan is not responsible for supplier issues or anything related to production or back-orders. If a part is Special Order or placed on back-order the customer will be notified VIA e-mail and the part will be shipped as soon as it is received by TunedJapan or when the item is taken off back order. Most orders are received by the customer within 14-21 business days after TunedJapan receives the item(s) from the manufacturer. Depending on location, size of item(s) and shipping method to accommodate the order, it could take longer.

Purchases will be immediately cancelled and a refund processed on our established payout date, per our policies which is the last day of each month, should purchaser's "friends" or 3rd party call a manufacturer and ask on a status or purchase made thru us or otherwise in such cases, as our business license and id number are attached to any and all orders made. This is to protect our business information and nothing personal towards anyone. 

All sales are final. All parts are subject to price changes and availability. NO RETURNS or refunds on items that are special orders, items not in stock or back orders!! Any returns accepted are subjected to a 75% restocking/cancellation fee including back/special order including aero parts. Any returns accepted must be within 30 days of date of purchase, be unused, and in unopened new box. All returns are subject to inspection. Any part that, in our opinion, shows evidence of being used or installed contrary to manufacturer's instructions and/or subjected to improper handling, packaging, or shipping by the customer will not be eligible for exchange, refund, or warranty consideration. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee or refuse any return. No Cancellations or returns on Special Order Parts. "Special Order Parts" refers to any part that is not in-stock at Tuned Japan. All part information is correct as far as Tuned Japan knows and any errors will be changed upon notification. We are not responsible for manufacturing delays, scheduling or other issue in regards manufacturing in any way or form. End User, Consumer or Customer personal deadlines are not our responsibility, nor can we guarantee that a part will be delivered on or by personal deadlines. We will not refund monies on purchases on special orders on items not in stock or items that can not be delivered by End User self imposed deadlines or personal schedules.

While we do our best to expedite all orders in a timely fashion, we can not and will not rush the tuners and manufacturers for autographs, special requests or manufacturing. IMPATIENCE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A REFUND!  

Shipping and Returns:


TunedJapan, will only to ship to the "VERIFIED" billing address of a credit card/bank information and to the card holder/bank account holder only. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. This is only in place to protect ourselves and the consumer from any type of fraud.

Most orders are processed within 24 hours, except on weekends and holidays. Most orders are shipped within 48-72 hours, unless the part is Special Order or on back-order.

Delivery is usually made by Japan Post EMS service. Size and weight limits apply. For very large or very heavy items alternate services such as DHL, Sagawa, UPS, or FedEx are available. It is up to the customer to be vigilant and supply us with the correct information such as correct; name, address and a telephone number to avoid delays and mistakes to shipping addresses, etc. We are not responsible for items that shipped to the wrong location due to this sort of misinformation.

Customers are subject to additional shipping costs due to misinformation. A tracking number will be provided to the customer. After shipping the package can be tracked Japan Post’s website at www.post.japanpost.jp and at www.usps.com. We ship the fastest and most economical way but shipping and wait times can be very long so please plan accordingly and write down shipped date(s) and time(s). It is not possible to contact the shipper to ask them to “hurry up”.

All packages leaving our warehouse are carefully packaged, insulated, and inspected for accuracy. If the customer receives a package that appears to be damaged, please inspect right away with the carrier present before signing. Please remember in the case of rare items that are one-off, no longer in production or almost impossible to replace are insured before leaving our warehouse in Japan.

All damage claims will be made with their respective carrier and TunedJapan will ship you replacement item(s) after the claim has been processed and reimbursed. If a replacement item is not available, TunedJapan will refund you the item(s) amount.

Pricing and Price Matching:


Prices are subject to change based on current exchange rates. We reserve the right to price match item(s). Price matching will only be honored on identical, in-stock items that are ready for delivery at a competing retailer. Items must be in brand new condition from manufacturer and only valid for internet retail. Competitor's retail site must be an authorized Japanese retailer and located in the Japan. Price matching not valid with competitor's coupons, specials, combo-package deals, rebates, promotional offers, or special purchase requirements.

This price match policy is subject to change at any time. If you find a lower price somewhere else on a new identical item, just show us the lower price where you found it and we will check it out. Price match items need to follow our policy.

1. Items being price matched must be the identical items. The product must have the same brand, part number, options, etc...

2. The competitor's store must be located and operate within the Japan and not only display a physical company address on their website. But also have a viable store front open to the public. We do not price match outside of Japan.

3. The price matched item must be available, in stock, and ready for delivery or pick up at the competitor's location.

4. Approved price matches will supersede over any current specials, coupons, discounts or deals unless otherwise stated. Ex: free shipping, forum coupon ...etc.

5. If competitors store is offering free shipping on the item, we will price match the item with the free shipping taken into account.

6. Items price matched must be brand new. We cannot price match used, refurbished, or clearance items.

7. We do not price match items on auction sites or personal classified ads.

8. We do not price match companies that have geo-locked sites. Sites that you can visit but we cannot (a geo-locked site).

9. Items cannot be priced matched after an order has been placed and the cancellation period for that respective item has expired.

10. We generally offer one shot pricing with no hidden charges of fees. But unfortunately we can’t offer this with every item due to size, dimensions, etc.

11. Competitor must be a confirmed authorized dealer of said product.

If approved, you will receive confirmation via email. Price matches are answered within 24 - 48 hours. Price match questions can be answered via email sales@tunedjapan.com.

All prices and discounts are subject to change without notice. TunedJapan is not responsible for any typographical errors, misprints, or computer glitches on this site and reserves the right to cancel orders that have been placed with such errors.

Product Usage:


TunedJapan is not responsible for any damages that results from item(s) purchased through TunedJapan. Please read manufacturer instructions and/or instructions manuals provided by TunedJapan carefully before using the product. Many products are legal for off-road purposes and may never be used on public roads or highways. TunedJapan does not cover manufacturer's warranty. All warranty and guarantees are provided by the manufacturer. The regulation of emissions production, noise levels and safety standards are untaken by the each nation, their local municipalities, towns, and counties.

TunedJapan makes no warranties or otherwise for a particular purpose or that its products are approved for general use, or that its products comply with laws, regulations, or ordinance in the countries or states where they may be sold to the buyer, the consumer, etc. You as the buyer and the end-user assume full responsible for the burden of the entire cost of any and all necessary service, alterations or repairs.

TunedJapan advises the consumer/customer that products used; may be required to conform to specific vehicle code sections and/or laws. Please consult your local municipality, state or national government for more information on such laws and regulations.

Parts are intended for Off-Road Use ONLY and are NEVER to be used on public roads or highways.



All the material including but not limited to interviews, features, event coverage, photographs, are the property of TunedJapan and may not be used in form or fashion without written authorization from TunedJapan and is protected under all applicable treaties and laws worldwide.



TunedJapan is under the jurisdiction of Japan. This includes laws concerning money transfers, Japanese customs, import/export treaties such as the TPP and others.

Policy Revisions:


TunedJapan may at anytime update, revise or otherwise change its policies as it sees fit

Thank you for support!

Team TunedJapan