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This item is designed to prevent over revving by cutting ignition and thus producing an open flame at the exhaust. The Bee Racing Rev Limiter cuts ignition when the rev limit has been hit, ensuring protection of the engine in all conditions.

  • Brand: Bee*R 
  • Product: Ignition Misfiring System Rev Limiter 
  • Application: Type B (Non-Honda applications)
  • The Bee*R Rev Limiter is a two-step engine RPM limiting device allowing both the vehicle's launch and top-end RPM to be set based upon on driver preference. The Bee*R limiter is an ignition cutting device allowing for fuel saturation, therefore creating that "flame thrower" effect where unspent fuel and exhaust gases ignite as they are expelled from the engine.
  • Based on the same technology utilized in F1, WRC, and other Motorsports, ignition cuts is much more preferred over ignition cut as fuel cut is used on many standard vehicle risking damage to high performance engine when at higher engine RPM. 
  • Features Include
  • Cuts ignition on hitting a rev limit
  • Flames can appear as fuel is dumped out of the exhaust
  • Fuel cut, as used on many standard vehicles,
  • Same technology used in F1, WRC and other forms of Motorsport
  • Suitable for a large range of vehicles 
  • Will damage and possibly destroy catalytic converters
  • Recommend high quality supporting products, such as, turbos and  exhaust systems, etc.
  • These just like an other electronics, rev limiters need to be "dialed in" properly. Going full Rambo with the settings can cause possible damage.
  • Tuned Japan takes no responsibility if the Bee Racing Rev Limiter does not suit your vehicle. 
  • No warranties are offered, implied or given unless done so by Bee*R Japan. If your vehicle is not listed then this means Bee Racing have not confirmed compatibility. "Most vehicles" does not mean all vehicles.  
  • For use with all 12v rotary, controls 2,4,6,8,10 and 16 cylinder engines. Please inquire on available applications. 
  • Bee*R Rev Limiters (Limitters) work with a wide variety of applications but does not work with all vehicles.
  • Type B's do not work on Honda's and 2000 + Subaru's
  • Type B's and Honda Type H and H2 not interchangeable.
  • Autographed versions not guaranteed.
  • Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with the Legendary Imai-san to learn more about Bee*R and How the limiter works.
  • Rev Lamp sold separately


1.Autographed versions not offered or guaranteed. 

2.We do not provide tech support in any form.

3. Services of a trained technician recommended.

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Eron Benstrong
Installation on my Toyota Starlet Ep82 Gt

Amazing product, easy to install, waiting to test drive on the road as im still doing maintenance on the vehicle.. Thank you so much

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