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NISMOPart Number: 3002A-RS632


This clutch is equipped with the damper type center boss/hub for easy drivability. With the increased diameter of the discs (225mm) and the addition to copper into the facing Nismo has been able to significantly increase the potential of the clutch to 670ps (660hp), as well as durability and drive-ability over the previous G-Max series. Highly recommended for daily-use vehicles with weekend spirited driving, drifting or circuit use. 

Brand: Nismo
Product: Super Coppermix Twin Plate Clutch Kit | Z32
Part Number: 3002A-RS632


Kit Contents:
・Flywheel bolts
・Release bearing (OEM)
・Two COPPERMIX clutch discs
・Aluminum clutch cover
・Lightweight flywheel
・Aluminum center plate

Damper: Spring
Disc Outer Diameter: 225mm
Allowable torque Nm (kgfm):
Kinetic friction: 824 (84)
Static friction: 1402 (143)
Allowable output kW (ps): 493 (670)
Clutch cover:
Pressure N (kgf): 9807 (1000)
Type: Push
Super Coppermix: 17.36
OEM: 18.54

・Because of the design and manufacturing processes made to create the improved clutch response provided by the sports clutch disc and lightweight flywheel and increased output, it is possible that the transmission or bearings may transmit a rumbling noise, compared to genuine Nissan parts. Transmission or gear noise is particularly likely to occur at idling or when accelerating or decelerating from the area around 2000rpm; however, this has no effect on quality or performance.
・The rattling sound which is characteristic of six-speed manual transmissions, Getrag-equipped vehicles and S15 6-speed manual transmission vehicles, has been proven in actual vehicle testing to be reduced through the use of the G-max.
・Do not use with a big operating cylinder, which may result in a misshift due to insufficient stroke volume.
・Heavy pedal operations will result, due to high pressure settings. Not recommended for general-purpose use.
・To improve the operation of this clutch, please refrain from excessive half-clutch operation (although the clutch does have good half-clutch characteristics).

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