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TOMEI PoweredPart Number: TMI-13024R310

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  • Brand: Tomei
  • Product: Adjustable Cam Pulley SR20DE(T)
  • Part Number: TCS-13024R310
  • Type: Sliding Type.
  • Pulley: Duralumin.
  • Gear Material: Steel.
  • Weight (g): 330.
  •  2 Piece Design:
  • Precision cut for added strength and durability.  The gear is made of steel and inner part is made from Duralumin to ensure that the product is the strongest available on the market.
  • Application Specific Design:
  • The Intake and Exhaust cam pulley have been designed and manufactured individually so as when the pulley comes to the top it is easier to adjust the timing from TDC. 
  • Durability and :
  • The hard anodized surface coating greatly increases the durability of the pulley. The added strength will allow the pulley to guarantee reliability for drag racing cars that are running monster power engines that exceed 1, 000 HP and used with engine speeds in excess of 10, 000 RPM.
  • Form & Function:
  • The Duralumin material has a hard anodized surface treatment  that gives it better operation and longevity, while providing that showroom quality.
  • Engraved Degree Scale:
  • Designed with a degree scale to help aid tuners anywhere to fine-tune camshaft tuning to help get every ounce of power our your engine.
  • Price: Per Cam Pulley

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