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TOMEI | Camshaft Poncam and Inner Shim Kit Set | NB8C | Chuki Kouki

TOMEI PoweredPart Number: TMI-143055


These camshafts are designed to be a direct replacement for the factory camshafts. Ideal for applications looking for peak performance while keeping stock internals. These are also compatible with the factory ECU settings allowing for a great cost effective option with dialed in lift and duration.


  • Brand: Tomei
  • Product: Camshaft Poncam and Inner Shim Kit Set - NB8C Chuki Kouki
  • Part Number : 143055
  • Made To Order
  • The kit Includes:
  • 1x Intake Camshaft Part Num: 1499252108
  • 1x Exhaust Camshaft Part Num: 1498256100
  • Lifter 16pc Set Part Num: 163041 (161091 each)
  • Shim (16pc Required) Part Num: 1610202000~1610203650
  • Different shim size options are available. Sizes ranging from 2.000mm to 3.650mm at intervals of 0.05mm available.

  • Type: Solid.
  • Duration (degree):
  • Intake: 252
  • Exhaust: 256
  • Max Cam Lift(mm):
  • Intake: 10.08
  • Exhaust: 10.00
  • Max Valve lift(mm):
  • Intake: 10.60
  • Exhaust: 9.75
  • Pre-Set Valve Timing (Deg):
  • Intake: 125
  • Exhaust: 110
  • Cold Valve clearance (mm)[+/-0.01]:
  • Intake: 0.20
  • Exhaust: 0.25
  • Base Circle(mm): 33
  • The inner shim conversion is designed for the high cam lift conversion.
  • Inner Shim Conversion: Stable for high cam lift conversion.
  • Valve Springs: Compatible with stock valve springs.
  • Valve Timing: Not required as it has been already preset by Tomei.
  • Head Work: Can be fitted as normal on stock head.
  • ECU Compatibility: You will see performance gains even on the stock ECU.
    • Can only be used with the Zenki model engine.
    • Mazda Roadster NB8C BP-ZE (08/2000-07/2005)
    • Designed to optimise the true performance potential of the NA engine throughout the entire RPM range.
    • Superior Response: Amazing engine response with light throttle movements.
    • Stable Mid Range: More smooth mid range response.
    • Rev Harder: Will rev much faster & rev to redline quicker than ever before.
    • IN 252 EX 256:High Performance Spec Cam Lift of 10.0mm.

    • Keep the stock car drivability feel & comfort.
    • Stable idling: The idling is not affected and still feels like stock.
    • Unwanted noise: Precision design helped eliminate tappet noise.
    • Surface Coating:
    • Coating the surface of Camshaft with manganese phosphate in order to protect from damage even when the Camshaft has not lubricated yet. This has done by steeping press process that produces 0.5mm to 15 micro-millimeter thin of manganese phosphate coating on its surface to prevent from direct contact with other metal parts while realizing smooth operation
    • Wavy Groove Finish by Oscillation Grinding:
    • Wavy groove is curved to the cam profile surface by oscillation during cam grinding process. Oil pool that is formed on the cam profile surface reduces a friction loss and prevents locking.
    • Are designed for serious professional performance use for high power and torque applications. Procams do require additional valve train upgrades and an programmable aftermarket ECU to configure the correct new engine management setup.
    • Generally Made To Order. Possible Lead Time/Wait Time: 6 ~ 8 Weeks.
    • We will inform purchasing customers within 24 hours of order confirmation of any back orders from Tomei.
    • All products source directly from TOMEI Japan
    • Please Note - Tomei Japan & TOMEI USA are different companies & are not related. 

    For JDM vehicles only

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