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    • Description:
    • BRIDE Bucket Seat Back Protector. The BRIDE Bucket Seat Back Protector will protect the beautiful finish that the back of the amazing line-up of BRIDE seats. Installation is quick and easy due to the velcro tape used for attachment.
    • Upon purchase, please specify the desired color from the following and select the application you would like your BRIDE Seat Back Protector for.
    • NOTE: Will not fit Zodia or Pros seats.

    • Manufacturer: Bride
    • Product : Bucket Seat Back Protector
    • Part #: K11APO (Black K11 Type)
    • Part #: K11BPO (Red K11 Type)
    • Part #: K11CPO (Blue K11 Type)
    • Part # : P01APO (Black P01 Type)
    • Part # : P01BPO (Red P01 Type)
    • Part # P01CPO (Blue P01 Type)
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    • 100% pure JDM, 100% all the time
    • Special request like below can be fulfilled
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