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    Greddy Sirius Vision Meter

    From: ¥51840 ¥40000


    • Brand: Trust Greddy
      Product: Sirius Vision Meter
      Part Num: 16001720

      Series: Sirius Vision
      Display: Self-illuminating inorganic transparent meter

      -Peak Hold
      Product Notes: 
      • Select the items you want to display from the 6 items. By setting bar display and digital display to different items, up to two items can be displayed.
        • Sirius control unit is sold separately.
        • Sensor and harness corresponding to display items are sold separately. Display item can be changed by control unit operation. With peak memory function to store and display the maximum value.
        • Dimmer function that can change the screen brightness according to the headlight ON / OFF.
        • When warning, appeal warning function with indicator.
        • Dedicated meter stay attached / meter branch harness included.